The use of Technology in Clinical Research- Learn for Career Prospect

Technology has spread its footprints in every domain, including clinical research. However, technology has way back established its prints in the domain. Clinical research in recent time has evolved hugely and is attracting new aspirants to take up as a career. In general, technology has managed to make the research job easy and faster.

Clinical Research

 Moreover, it has also increased patient participation. Aspirants looking forward to joining this domain need to be updated well with the technology use practically. Institute like ICRI India, offers masters and bachelors clinical research course having practical knowledge of technology use. BSc in Clinical Research, MSc in Clinical Research and a few other courses are offered. In association with  Indus University, ICRI India ensures quality and research-oriented course. Students have an in-depth understanding of how technology has changed this field and how to adapt accordingly.

Let us check how technology changed the clinical research industry-

Matching patients to clinical trials-

One of the biggest things technology changed in the industry is it is able to aid researchers with the task of matching patients to a clinical trial. There is a different tool used that patient to find the information they are looking for according to the demographic. These tools help the researcher to save time as there is no need for manual work now. There is a smartphone app available that allow patients to evaluate different clinical trials.

Patient Monitoring-

In clinical trails too, mobile technology is now the major change provider. Patient monitoring is one such method where researchers are able to keep up with patient data and are able to report the researchers through the easy-to-use app. There are wearable products that can monitor heart rate helping the researcher to report a patient’s health to the researcher.

Virtual Site-

This is the big technology change the clinical research industry is going to face. In future, researchers can work on a common platform or remote area without having the requirement of the patient being physically present. With the use of web and mobile app, the researcher can report the feedback. The recent example is Novartis and Science 37 has joined hands to conduct virtual trials in the next three years. This is with the hope of making clinical trials easy.

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