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Medical field needs to grow and always the universities and hospitals are in need of research scientists. So for the ones interested in taking up research work in clinical trials there is a lot of scope. Medical equipment, contagious diseases and other medical related topics are on the research radar.

Several scientists are working on these and they are always in need of assistance in the research work in these subjects. Also pharmaceutical companies and healthcare industries are in need of such  research work enthusiasts to assist them in finding the new medicines and the effect of certain medicine that have been recently introduced for use in the world.

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So if you are PhD in clinical science you are eligible to take up such research work. Hospitals, pharma companies, clinical research facilities working on independent basis and so on require such doctorate degree holders to continue their work and assist them in making reports, thesis and other research related works. You have different options in which you can work

  • Translation scientist
  • Pharmaceutical researcher
  • Clinical research professor

Those who aspire to get the doctorate degree need to have some basic academic qualifications to join any of the clinical research programs.  These are doctor of pharmacy, doctor of medicine, doctor of dental surgery, masters in nursing, pharmacy or some related subject.

You take lessons on some advanced topics during this course like mathematics, natural sciences, medical research, and experimental design and so on. The students also need to learn biostatistics, research ethics and medical research technology.

The subjects that are usually taught are classified as

  • Ethics in medical research
  • Translational research
  • Medical research technology
  • Biostatics
  • Medical research lab practices

The ultimate goal of the PhD in clinical research by ICRI India is train the student so as they meet the requirement for a transformed transnational and clinical enterprise. Both theory and practical are taught in every subject the student takes up during this program. This equips them to learn thoroughly about the subject matter and also make noteworthy discoveries in the medical and clinical field. This will enable the discoveries to be moved across a large gamut.

So once you complete this PhD in clinical research will be well placed in any hospital in the managerial or administrative level or in the research wing. You can also apply for a teaching post in the university where you get a chance to impart the knowledge gained to the next generation.

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