Looking to do PhD in Aviation? Things you should know

The Indian aviation industry is on a rapid growth phase and with the investment from foreign and Indian companies, it has further pushed the industry for growth. This growth has pinched new aspirants to join the industry and help in the career. If you have done with the degree course and looking forward for higher studies, then PhD is the best option to go for. Institute like ICRI India offers PhD in Aviation management where students are trained well to get the insight of the industry. Throughout the course, students will be given insight on how the aviation management helps to cater the traffic of passengers and cargo mobility.

About the Aviation Industry:

Indian aviation industry is set to offer more jobs in coming years. More the passenger growth has reached to 110m which is set to increase to 150m by 2020. Moreover, more than 5 lac jobs are set to create in next few years. This has certainly boosted students to take up PhD and other Aviation related higher courses.

With the Government of India presenting schemes like Regional Connectivity Scheme, people are further interested in taking flights due to economical journey.

PhD in Aviation Management:

PhD has really opened up the door for new age students who are keen on entering in aviation industry. As a researcher, you get an opportunity to work with mentor who will help in developing your skills. The entire thesis is done on the basis of UGC set guidelines. The researcher has to meet guide as a part of rules. The minimum period of PhD is 3 years; however, students can take more time by paying additional fees.

Overall, after 5 years of course, students will have a great opportunity to work in the different positions in Aviation industry. Aspirants can work in research organization, aviation industry association, aviation council, etc.

If you are keen on making your career in aviation management, then start with the PhD course from ICRI India.

About ICRI:

Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) is one of the top institutes in India for clinical research. Offering different courses combined with practical and theoretical preparation method, students are prepared well to have a progressive career in clinical research. Corporate training, workshop and cliniminds clinical research at different pharma companies conducted by ICRI India help aspirants and professionals to gather in-depth knowledge about the field.

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