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ICRI is one of the leading institutions when it comes to Clinical Research and Aviation and even health care. But one more than it has expertise in is the Fashion Designing industry. Fashion and apparel industry is making billions in our country. Huge designers emerge every day and they offer the best of their ability to people.

ICRI and Fashion Designing

ICRI shares a very good amount of contributions to the fashion industry because a lot of talented designers have emerged from this institute. They have a lot of professionals who have specialized in this sector and are teaching as a faculty member in the institute. Students are under the good influence when training is done by talented professionals like them.

How big is the industry?

The fashion industry is said to be valued at 3 trillion dollars worldwide, that roughly estimates more than any industry in the market. The fashion designing industry contributes around 2 percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This sector also has a very high employability rate as it employs around 45 million every year. This is the reason why this sector is said to be the largest source of employment in the market.

Social media has played huge roles in providing designers with a successful platform to showcase their talent and get recognized on a global level. Today fashion tycoons have gotten various opportunities to grow themselves as a brand in the industry and earn revenues accordingly.

Fashion designing doesn’t just revolve around clothing and fabric but much more than that. It also includes footwear, accessories, makeup styles and a lot more. It is necessary we acknowledge this industry because it has given the country so many trends and people now have reason to look forward to the new trends that take the fashion industry by a storm.

So if you are a designing enthusiast you should definitely look forward to building your career in this industry and get yourself trained from ICRI India.

Jain University which is merged along with ICRI has become an educational hub for millions of young minds that hail from more than 35 countries. Students are also offered with scholarships with the objective to encourage extraordinary talent in various fields including academics, sports, dance, music, and other categories.

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