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ICRI India is one f the best institutes for students who want to aspire their career in the business and marketing fields. They provide job oriented courses for students in their world-class campus at Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Dehradun, Jaipur, Mumbai and Pune.

ICRI India inspires to be an institute who create and shape an individual who is ready to face the industry. They are an expert in developing knowledge and experience in the students who want to learn and prosper in their career.

They also have industry practitioners coming in to give guest lectures through which students are enlightened with their knowledge and experience which they can inculcate in the career. Studying in ICRI India for courses like BBA or MBA increases the hope among students to walk a long distance on the path of success in their career.

ICRI India is an evolved educational institute that has a team of incredible faculty bodies. They encourage real-life industry experiences and processes and not just book ridden knowledge. This makes the student experienced and ready to handle situations in the society as well as the industry.

ICRI started in 2004 focusing mainly on clinical research and Health care management and slowly evolved as one of the best colleges for BBA and MBA.

They believe in the attitude of learning outside the domain to acquire knowledge that can help the students to sustain in the industry. This knowledge is derived from the excellent team of professionals who teach the students.

ICRI has evolved as an educational institute in the last few years giving students an excellent platform to study in and for the students who chose their career through them. ICRI makes education more comfortable and more fun and also benefits students in their future.

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